New build is up! (v0.2.0)

Lately I’ve been working mostly on the GUI. Not the most interestning update, but it has to be done!


  • Added song preview: Click any song, anywhere to play the song.
  • Current song widget: See currently playing song with progress
  • Playlist editor: Added buttons to collapse all / expand all categories, making it easier to navigate.
  • Playlist editor: Add category to playlist - adds all songs in a category to currently active playlist.
  • Hiscores: Your best scores will now be displayed, and you can replay song by clicking on it.
  • HUD: Made it slightly better? I hope. Added a widget to display your name, in preparation of showing your position in comparison with other players.
  • HUD: Added a multiplier bar which shows how much the score is being multiplied. The goal is to keep it high, and I feel this is easier to glimpse with your peripheral vision than text.
  • HUD: Added a bar which shows the progress towards a higher multiplier.
  • Pause menu: Return to main menu, restart level or resume.
  • End of game stats: See how well you performed.
  • Difficulty level now also affects the score.


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Mar 03, 2019

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