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Audio.Flow is a fast paced, procedural rhythm game where you can play using your own music! This is still a work in progress, but the goal is to have an early access version ready by May 2019.

The game aims to provide an immersive audiovisual gameplay which enhances your listening experience. If you're the kind of hardcore gamer that takes pleasure in showing off your inhuman reflexes, Audio.Flow has got you covered too! Chill out in casual mode or normal mode, or go for the big high scores in hardcore mode - the choice is yours. See how well you are performing compared to other players during the race, or compare your scores against other players through the leaderboard.

Use the music library to manage your songs. Create playlists and play through them in a sequence. Or play one of the built-in songs!

Enter boost mode when entering a tunnel and gain an additional score multiplier. Keep it going for as long as you can! When you miss a block, the boost mode will end. If you can keep it until next tunnel, the multiplier will increase. Can you handle the pressure?


Vertical slice is out!


  • Requires MP3-files. Use the playlist editor to create playlists, browse and add songs from your disk. Now features built-in songs!
  • Only tested in 1920x1080 and 3440x1440. Might look weird in other resolutions.
  • Haven’t tested on a lot of different hardware yet. Lower-end pc’s might suffer until optimization phase.
  • I recommend Normal difficulty. Casual is very.. well, casual. Hardcore probably needs a little tuning, but if you’re up for it – go ahead 😊
  • No leaderboards yet, and probably won't be until early access.

Known bugs / issues:

  • After loading the first songs, there will be some lag at the start of the level. I have yet to optimize.
  • Some people have reported being stuck on loading screen (after choosing song). I haven’t been able to reproduce. Please report if this happens to you.

Install instructions

Download and run the .exe ;) 1080p will probably give the best experience.


AudioFlow Playtest Release 157 MB

Development log


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Desperately needs a tutorial. Otherwise a very cool concept. Keep it up.

Looks, sounds and plays great!

I can't download this thing I am on a Mac